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NShape 1.0.7

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Released: Jan 11, 2012
Updated: Sep 6, 2012 by KurtHolzinger
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Release Notes

Changes in 1.0.7:
- Changed project structure (directory hierarchy) and build paths
- Bugfix: Events IDiagramPresenter.DiagramChanging and IDiagramPresenter.DiagramChanged were not
raised when assigning Display.Diagram directly
- Bugfix: Project will be closed now when an exceptions occures while loading
- Bugfix: LayerPresenter calls Clear() when project closes
- Bugfix: Internal Exceptions when executing tool actions on a display without diagram
- Bugfix: Displayed section of the diagram and scrollbar positions were wrong when changing the
diagram of the display component
- Bugfix: Item "More.." of the style selection comboBox no longer opens the design editor window in
- Bugfix: Some values are invisible after changing their values in design editor's property editor
- Bugfix: When renaming a line-, cap or character style, the selected style changes when committing
the property change
- Bugfix: A shape is not selectable by clicking if an other shape, that is hidden by layer settings,
covers it
- Bugfix: Diagram.CreateImage no longer raises a NullReferenceException when diagram has no
- Bugfix: NShape Designer's layout dialog now closes when closing the main window
- Bugfix: NShape Designer's layout dialog now closes when closing the project.
- Bugfix: NShape Designer's main menu items "Send to Back" / "Bring to Front" are functional now
- Improvement: All Dialogs of WinFormsUI will now close when Esc key is pressed
- Improvement: StyleListBox control calculates text size of the label and fills the rest of the item
with the style's graphical representation
- Bugfix: ToolCache.NotifyStyleChanged will no longer be called when selecting a style for a shape
instance in property editor
- Bugfix: Diagram's background grid 'wanders' when zooming
- Bugfix: LineStyles with LineWidth values > 9 will be rendered a little thinner each time the line
style selection combobox is opened in property editor
- Bugfix: Diagram.Export() does no longer throw a NullReferenceException in case the diagram has no
- Bugfix: Saving a diagram as TIFF image will no longer throw an InvalidArgumentException
- Bugfix: AutoUpgradeEnabled of Save-/LoadFileDialog's will only be set under VISTA (and newer OSes)
- New defines for debug info: DEBUGDIAGNOSTICS and DEBUGUI
- Improvement: An exception with proper error message is thrown when trying to save changes in a ChachedRepository
without store
- Category of the following properties:
CaptionedShapeBase.Text is now "Data" instead of "Text"
CaptionedShapeBase.CharacterStyle is now "Appearance" instead of "Text"
CaptionedShapeBase.ParagraphStyle is now "Appearance" instead of "Text"
Diagram.Name is now "General" instead of "Identification"
Diagram.Title is now "General" instead of "Identification"
Diagram.Id is now "General" instead of "Identification"
- Property CaptionedShapeBase.CaptionCount is not visible in PropertyGrid any longer
- BugFix: Orientation of Captions's text is corrected only for shape angle >90° and <270° instead
of >90° and <=270°
- Changed value of LayerIds.All from int.MinValue to int.MaxValue.
- Bugfix: Display.CreateImage() no longer throws a NullReferenceException if no DisplayService is assigned
(means: If Diagram is not displayed in a Display
- New Behavior on Display.ZoomWithMouseWheel = False:
You can scroll up/down via mouse wheel. When Shift is pressed, you can scroll horizontally and with
pressed Ctrl key, you can zoom in/out.
- NShape Designer: Title of the diagram will be displayed properly on the tab when renameing a diagram
- Display: Scrolling with arrow keys enabled
- Display: Improved scroll bar showing/hiding
- New behavior of the PointerTool: When hovering a shape's captio

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