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NShape 2.0.0

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Released: Apr 4, 2012
Updated: Sep 6, 2012 by KurtHolzinger
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Release Notes

Changes in 2.0.0:

New / Changed / Extended Interfaces:
  • public interface ISecurityManager
  • public interface ISecurityDomainObject
  • public interface IModelObject : ISecurityDomainObject
  • public interface ILayerCollection : ICollection<Layer>
  • public interface IRepository
  • public interface ICommand
  • public interface IModelMapping
For details on interface changes, see documentation.
For more changes on namespaces and base classes, see ReadMe.txt (installation folder) or Changes.txt in the source code.

Behavior Changes:
  • Project will no longer unload all libraries when opening a project. Libraries added by the application without the "unloadOnClose" option will not be unloaded. See Documentation for details.
  • Project will no longer load needed libraries automatically (potential security issue). In order to restore this behavior, set the project's AutoLoadLibrary property to true. See Documentation for details.
  • IRepository.GetDiagram and IRepository.GetDiagrams no longer load the diagram with all shapes but the diagram object only (SQL Repository only).
  • Therefore you have to call IRepository.GetDiagramShapes(Diagram diagram) when fetching the diagram from Respository and not displaying it with the WinformsUI.Display component. Please note that DiagramSetController.OpenDiagram and Display.OpenDiagram/LoadDiagram load the diagram including all of its shapes.
  • IRepository: Insert/Update/Delete/Undelete methods will only insert/update/delete/undelete the given object(s) but no child- and contained objects.
  • IRepository: InsertAll/DeleteAll/UndeleteAll will insert/delete/undelete the given objects(s) and all their child- and contained objects.
  • Template.GetTerminalName(TerminalId.Generic) no longer throws an ArgumentOutOfRangeException
  • IsAllowed of an empty collection of shapes (where no domain name is obtainable) now checks if the required permission is granted for at least one domain and returns this result.
  • Shape.CalculateBoundingRectangle returns Geometry.InvalidRectangle if calculation of a bounding rectangle is not possible. Check with the Geometry.IsValid method.
  • Permissions are now split into Domain Permissions and General permissions. See documentation and for details.
New Features:
  • New CapStyle shapes available, all non-sizable (simple line-endings)
  • Display.CopyImageToClipboard() copies the selected shapes (or the diagram if no shapes are selected) as image to the clipboard.
  • Shape libraries can be removed now
  • NShape designer: Ctrl+A shortcut for "Select all shapes"
  • New Shape: RegularPolygone, Free Triangle, RectangularLine
  • Insertable/Deletable connection points (not vertices) for line shapes
  • The AdoNet Store now supports partial loading (see behavior change of Repository.GetDiagram)
  • Libraries can now be unloaded from the project (if not used any longer).
  • Renamed line cap style "Arrow" to "ClosedArrow"
  • New line cap styles: OpenArrow, Round (Default style), Flat and Peak. Round, Flat and Peak have no size.
  • Dragging resize points with pressed Shift key will resize the shape with constant aspect ratio if shape supports MoveControlPoint with ResizeModifier.MaintainAspect flag set.
  • Dragging resize points with pressed Ctrl key will resize the shape to both directions if shape supports MoveControlPoint with ResizeModifier.MirroredResize flag set.
BugFixes / Improvements:
  • See ReadMe.txt (installation folder) or Changes.txt in the source code.

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