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NShape 2.0.3

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Released: Dec 21, 2012
Updated: Dec 27, 2012 by KurtHolzinger
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Release Notes

This is a stable release. It is declared as 'Beta' because there can be renamings and/or breaking changes in future versions.

Changes in 2.0.3:

Changed Implementation Rule:
The implementation rule for the Shape.Clone() method has changed. The shape clone has to instantiated using the source shape's Template.
See documentation for sample code.

Changed Behavior:
  • When calling ToolSetController.Clear(), a ToolSelected event is raised (with the eventArgs.Tool set to null/Nothing). Removed ArgumentNullExceptions when assigning null/Nothing to the SelectedTool property or calling SelectTool(null).
  • Exceptions thrown in the OnMouseXXX and OnKeyXXX methods of the display will no longer be swallowed silently but re-thrown (after canceling the current tool action).

New Features:
  • Selected shapes can be moved with the arrow keys. If no shapes are selected, the diagram will scroll. Shift key is used to speed up movement.
  • Deselection of selected shapes using a selection frame: If all shapes inside the frame are already selected, they will be deselected.

  • It is now possible to connect a line to a grouped shape.
  • Adding multiple Layers will no longer cause the LayerListView to redraw after each added item.
  • Added Tooltips for the NShapeDesigner's status bar controls.

Bug Fixes:
  • The shape's template was not copied when calling Shape.Clone() (see changed implementation rule)
  • The ModelObject got lost when cutting and pasting the shape using DiagramSetController.Cut and DiagramSetController.Paste, the appropriate context menu commands or keyboard shortcuts.
  • Improved workaround for the GDI+ issue concerning lines with custom line caps
  • When clicking or double clicking on overlapping shapes, a ShapeClick / ShapeDoubleClick event was raised for all shapes containing the clicked coordinate. The event will now be raised for the selected shape at the clicked coordinates (if there is any) or the topmost of the overlapping shapes.
  • When deleting shapes, the event args of the ShapesRemoved event did not contain any shapes.
  • When clearing the tools of the ToolSetController, the selected tool and the default tool's properties were not cleared, containing still a reference to the old tool (supposed to be deleted). The DiagramSetController.ActiveTool also referenced the tool supposed to be deleted.
  • When adding a new Tool to the ToolSetController as "default tool", the linked DiagramSetController's ActiveTool property will be updated.
  • A NullReferenceException was sometimes thrown when selecting shapes (with caption)
  • An OverflowException was caused when saving/loading ParagraphStyle with Alignment "BottomCenter". Changed PropertyDefinition of ParagraphStyle.Alignment from Byte to Short in order to avoid this issue.
  • Shapes were not invalidated after changing their template if they were grouped.
  • OnScroll messages sent to the directly to the display control (as some touchpad drivers do when scrolling with finger gestures) are now handled correctly.
  • Fixed bug in CircularArc while recalculating radius point position (while connected shape-to-shape)

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