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NShape is an Open Source diagram designing framework for .NET WinForms. Software developers use NShape to integrate diagramming capabilities into their applications. Using NShape, applications let users view, annotate, modify and create diagrams like flow charts, wiring schemes or project charts. NShape is open source and has a dual license which allows it to be employed for free in open source projects and for a license fee in commercial projects.
  • NShape is targeted towards large industrial applications, which differentiates it from most other diagramming frameworks.
  • NShape offers all the required basic functionality like glue points, aggregation, undo/redo, zooming, layers and grouping.
  • NShape is powerful and scalable to work also with large diagrams of many thousand shapes.
  • NShape is template based to enable the user to manage large diagram sets. Modification of templated properties are immediately reflected in all shapes instantiated from this template.
  • NShape is style-based, so you can change the look of all diagrams in a project consistently with only a few mouse clicks.
  • NShape provides a repository interface to integrate it in your applications persistency concept. A SQL Server and an XML implementation are already contained in the package.
  • NShape comes with a built-in permission management to control the actions the user may perform.
  • NShape's WinForms controls all implement the Controller-Presenter pattern to allow for perfect integration into your application's user interface.
  • NShape promotes a model-view architecture to clearly separate the applications model from the presentation functionality provided by NShape.
  • NShape allows for binding shape properties to model properties, which updates the user interface immediately when the corresponding model data changes.
Please send an e-mail to for all questions regarding NShape.

As CodePlex is shutting down, you can now find NShape on GitHub:

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